ribbonTMS STUDIO Prévention des troubles musculo-squelettiques    M20mini                                

- Solution d'aide à l'identification et la prévention des troubles musculo-squelettiques    

- Traitement graphique, par jeu de couleur, des mouvements en temps réel des opérateurs

- 4 combinaisons équipées de 17 capteurs wifi, 1 ordinateur totalement configuré, 1 tablette android pour les captations vidéo








  • Automatic computation of standard exposure values
  • Autonomous wire-free miniature sensor
  • Fully compliant with the European Vibration Directive
  • Non intrusive in relation to the normal use of tools
  • Incorporates a mechanism for preventing common measurement errors from occurring
  • User-friendly, even for non-experienced users
  • Placement of sensors regardless of the primary measurement axis

Technical description :

The hand-arm vibration dosimeter comprises a miniature case that can be fixed onto the tool and incorporates:
• a 3-axis accelerometer ;
• an electronic circuit that is able to acquire, process (weighting filters), and store the acceleration signals
• a compact battery
• a communication circuit to access stored values (not used during measurement)
• a status light (LED)

Fully compliant with the European vibration Directive 2002/44/ EC and related standards ISO 5349-1 and 5349-2
Compliant with the ISO 8041: 2005 standard (Human response to vibration – Measuring instrumentation)
Weighting filters according to ISO 5349-1
The sensors are supplied with accessories for secure and solid attachment to the tools in compliance with ISO 5349-2
The product was developed in partnership with the INRS (Research Centre for Safety, France)



Technical sheet


User manual