ribbonTMS STUDIO Prévention des troubles musculo-squelettiques    M20mini                                

- Solution d'aide à l'identification et la prévention des troubles musculo-squelettiques    

- Traitement graphique, par jeu de couleur, des mouvements en temps réel des opérateurs

- 4 combinaisons équipées de 17 capteurs wifi, 1 ordinateur totalement configuré, 1 tablette android pour les captations vidéo



From our experience and from our skills, we look for to understand your problem to propose you the solution the most adapted to your needs. Whether it is the rent/sale of materials, training or advice.


Devices are rented to you for a fix duration in advance. However, Laprèv offers you the possibility of increasing or of decreasing this duration according to your needs. We adapt ourselves to your constraints.


Our devices are packaged in cases allowing to realize the immediate shipping. Their protection is also insured.


Our equipments are delivered verified and calibrated in the week which precedes their expedition(shipping). We send you at the same time a simplified instructions for use, presenting the use of devices in a clear practical and illustrated way. They can be used without waste of time. 



Devices are chosen among the biggest marks(brands) of the sector, for reasons of performance, but also reliability and simplicity of use. Before sending you the material(equipment) which you need, we proceed systematically to a check and to a calibration (for the devices of metrology). You so receive devices ready for use.