ribbonTMS STUDIO Prévention des troubles musculo-squelettiques    M20mini                                

- Solution d'aide à l'identification et la prévention des troubles musculo-squelettiques    

- Traitement graphique, par jeu de couleur, des mouvements en temps réel des opérateurs

- 4 combinaisons équipées de 17 capteurs wifi, 1 ordinateur totalement configuré, 1 tablette android pour les captations vidéo










  • Instantaneous illuminance: Displaying of instantaneous / maximum / minimum values.
  • Relative illuminance: Allows a relative measurement to a reference point to quantify a light input or an illuminance decrease.
  • Evolution of illuminance according to weather conditions: Storage of temporal evolution of illuminance for the follow up of environment conditions.
  • Cartography of illuminance – Spatial representation:  Coloured representation according levels obtained for printing of report (on a computer such as PC).
  • Uniformity: Calculation of the min / ave ratio for determination of illuminance uniformity at workstation according to standards*
  • *As per following standards : NF EN 12464-1 – Lighting of workplaces (inside), NF EN 12464-2 – Lighting of workplaces (outside), NF EN 12193 – Lighting of sports facilities
  • Supplied with LLX200 software Operating software for data processing and printing of reports.

Technical description:

LX200 hand-held luxmeter, self-contained and automatic is specially designed to illuminance measurement. It allows storage of datasets for processing on a computer via the LLX200 software..


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