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Multifunction manikin for rescue, clearance and traumatic care





Ultimate Hurt is a multifunctional and realistic training dummy:
- It can be used to teach aerial vision management, trauma assessment and clearance
- Manikin comes with a large number of traumatic injury modules and three interchangeable heads to improve the scenarios:
  • Standard intubation head: allows to manage the aerial views by manual maneuvers and by different breathing devices
  • Head of traumatic intubation: object depressed in cheek, ear avulsed, pupils unequal, teeth broken, lacerated face
  • Head M Hurt: Facilitates assessment of facial and cranial trauma, with depressed skull fracture, deviated trachea, bilateral fractures of mandibles and fracture of the C6 vertebra...
- Injury module allowing trainers to adapt training to many situations
- Modules included:
  • Thoracic injury with pneumothorax
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burned arms - burns with blisters
  • Open fracture of the radius with proximal portion of the exposed radius
  • Industrial hand: severe laceration of the back of the hand with exposed bone and light tissue - open and closed fracture of the index finger and severe tearing of the nail with contusion
  • Abdominal injury with exposed viscera - abdominal injury with salient organ
  • Serious or significant injuries to the deltoid and gluteal muscles
  • Foreign body: metal object embedded in the thigh
  • Open femur fracture: open at mid-thigh
  • Closed fracture of the tibia and fibula - palpation of the possible fracture
  • Ankle and foot contusion
  • Crushed foot: severe laceration, tendon bone and exposed tissue - complete amputation of the little toe