ribbonTMS STUDIO Prévention des troubles musculo-squelettiques    M20mini                                

- Solution d'aide à l'identification et la prévention des troubles musculo-squelettiques    

- Traitement graphique, par jeu de couleur, des mouvements en temps réel des opérateurs

- 4 combinaisons équipées de 17 capteurs wifi, 1 ordinateur totalement configuré, 1 tablette android pour les captations vidéo




Preparation of equipments, packaging, round trip transport: WE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING!

Questions about the logistics, our functioning and the offered guarantees?

You will find here the answer to most of your questions concerning the logistics of Laprèv, but also his functioning and the guarantees which we offer you.                                                                        

Preparation of the equipment: before shipment, every device is checked controlled, tested (if need) by our care.

Packaging: a saving of time. Our equipments are conditioned  in cases allowing to realize the immediate expedition. The protection of devices is also insured.

Transport: we take care of everything ! Our equipments are forwarded by carrier. From the confirmation of your order, a travel voucher is edited guaranteeing you the delivery. After use, our carrier takes care to pick-up the case of transport company for return in our premises.

Use: a simplified instructions for use presenting the use of devices in a clear, practical and illustrated way accompany our equipments as well as the original device of the manufacturer. Devices are used without waste of time.

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